Famous as the trading hub of the Middle East, Dubai has become one of the best places to start a business. Thanks to the excellent tax policies and free zone setups of the Emirati Government that has attracted countless global business owners to invest and enjoy the utmost economic benefits. Besides, the technologically updated infrastructure, optimal location and wide-ranging market with low operational cost enable the entrepreneurs to take their business to the highest peak of success. So, if you are looking for business registration in Dubai, read on. 

Companies in Dubai: What are their types?

The company formation process in Dubai is hassle-free. Here are the different types of companies that you can establish in the Emirati city:

  • Freezone Companies or Establishments: You can set up these business organisations in the Free-Trade zones. The advantages include tax concessions and flexible rules regarding custom duty, business ownership etc. Besides, as a foreign entrepreneur, you will get 100% ownership of your company. 
  • Limited Liability Company: In this kind of business, the shareholders have limited liabilities to the extent of their capital contribution. You can start this business with only two shareholders. 
  • Onshore Enterprises: Established within the commercial areas of Dubai, these companies are managed by Directors and officials from Dubai. If you are a foreign investor, the Emirate allows you 100% ownership unless your company carries out economic activities that will create a strategic impact over the seven sectors.
  • Offshore Establishments: Formed and operated outside the UAE, these companies only have registration in Dubai. These business concerns also enable foreign owners to enjoy 100% ownership.

License for Operating Business in Dubai: A brief analysis!

The most vital tool without which you cannot operate your business in Dubai is none other than a company license. Yes! Once you have decided on the zone to begin your business, you must gather a license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (DED). Such a license proves that your company is established legally and complies with all the statutory rules and regulations. The following are the licenses that you can apply for in Dubai:

  • Professional License: If you are a consultant, expert, craftsman or artisan; providing services to customers, you must apply for a professional trade license from the DED. However, the authority will grant the license only after verifying your skill and knowledge in the sector. 
  • Industrial License: If you wish to form a manufacturing company in Dubai that converts raw materials into finished products, you will require an industrial license. This type of company license covers businesses like textile, paper or metal manufacturing and many more. 
  • Commercial License: You require this license if your business involves buying and selling of goods. Also, this license includes businesses like import and export, sales, logistics, travel and tourism etc. 


Undoubtedly, having a business in Dubai will guarantee numerous benefits. The rewarding policies of the Dubai Government will help your business flourish and reach the heights of success. The leading corporate service providers in Dubai are a one-stop solution for all your corporate-related needs. They offer various top-notch services like license application and upgradation, real estate solutions, company registration etc. Visit their website immediately to know in detail about business registration in Dubai.

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