You are probably wondering: Do air fryers live up to the hype? Does air frying make food healthier? Read this article to answer all your questions. Air fryers are the newest generation of food gizmos taking over kitchens worldwide. With the promise of making fried food healthy, but just as tasty as their deep-fried counterparts, they seem like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie. With global trends shifting towards maintaining healthier lifestyles in 2022, no one can ignore a device promising to make this shift easier.

The biggest misconception about air fryers is that they fry the food. Air fryers are convection-based devices that operate a lot like traditional ovens. One distinction is that air fryers are aided by a fan, unlike an electric oven. The hot air from the heating element is quickly circulated over the food allowing fast heat transfer. This technology cuts down the cooking time and makes the exterior crust of the food just as crispy as deep frying immersed in oil. To answer the most important question, Is air frying healthier than deep-fried food? One thing to know is that air frying oven-ready foods such as ready-to-eat french fries or nuggets do not reduce the oil content already present in them, so overall it is not a very healthy choice. Whereas if you are preparing food from scratch, it certainly has fewer calories than traditional deep frying.

Contrary to popular belief, air fryers require some oil to get the desired crust and Maillard reaction for the food to be crispy and flavourful. But the amount of oil used in air frying (around a teaspoon) is negligible compared to deep frying. Hence the extra calories do not add up as a teaspoon of oil is only around 40 calories. The whole process also benefits from the small area of the air fryer that needs to be heated when compared with a much larger traditional electric oven. This smaller area saves down on electricity costs, saving money in the long run.

Whether it is soft and fluffy falafel or juicy and tender Iranian kebabs you crave, the cooking time is significantly shorter when using an air fryer. Fish and delicate cuts of meat can also be prepared in an air fryer due to its rapid heating of the food to build a delicious crust while keeping the interior moist and tender. If there is one thing everyone can agree on, no one likes tough & chewy meat, and an air fryer will keep that problem at bay.]

When choosing an air fryer, some things to keep in mind are the size and power rating. A standard household air fryer is somewhere around 4 liters, although sizes available range from 2 liters to over 10 liters. When choosing an air fryer make sure the power rating is at least 1000 watts, although the more powerful fryers available on market can go up to more than 2000 watts. Most air fryers now come with cool features such as auto cut-off, air control, and dehydrator multifunctionality. Choose one that suits your preferences.

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