Myriad tourist attractions ranging from the Arabian souks and history-famed mosques to arid deserts and modern skyscrapers of the Gulf region, the Middle East is a mesmerizing journey that will be etched in your heart forever. Additionally, the world-acclaimed cultural festivals that Middle Eastern Countries arrange will add more excitement and pleasure to your trips, making them worthwhile.

The world experienced pandemic-imposed sheer difficulties, bringing tough times for one and all. However, for the tourists and travel addicts, the struggles knew no bounds as tourism came to a long-term halt. Nevertheless, we have recovered from a horrendous past, and the present calls for a celebration! So, if you still feel a lack of wanderlust, gear up because the Middle East is beckoning for mega festivals of the Arab empire.

Top Middle Eastern festivals in 2022, post covid-19 pandemic!

Whatever the festival, it always brings us happiness and joy. Following are some of the best festivals you can attend whether you are planning to visit the Middle East during the summer or winter:

  • Lebonan Souk Ek Khel Festival: In this famous year-round international festival celebrated in Lebonan, you can savor the traditional Lebonan food items alongside many other enjoyments, especially if you visit during the summer and winter break. Find out the celebration dates and book your trip accordingly if you plan to attend this festival.

  • Abu Simel Sun Festival: One of the most popular festivals in Egypt, happening twice a year. This festival celebrates the birthday of the third Pharaoh of the 19th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty, Ramses II, on 22nd February and his day of taking the throne on 22nd October. During these days, the sunlight fills the Abu Simel Temple illuminating even the innermost room, which usually remains dark. If you want to attend the festival and watch the sunlight hit the innermost room, you must gather at the temple very early. The celebrations accompany traditional dancing and singing by various singers and dancers. So, attending this event can be a memorable experience worth cherishing.

  • Sound Storm & Music Scene in Riyadh KSA: Though once unimaginable, now the music festivals where thousands of men and women enjoy and make moves on the beats are a reality. Yes! After lifting the ban on cinema and entertainment, the Saudi Arabian Government is now; focused on developing its music and entertainment industry. Hence, the MDLBEAST Sound Storm Festival and Music Scene in Riyadh KSA. Taking place in Riyadh, the capital of the country, the musical event is humongous that continues for 3 to 4 days at an extensive purpose-built site. Attending these musical events, you are bound to enjoy the performances of the globally-famed top celebrities, including singers, dancers, and actors. So, book the tickets immediately if you opt for a Middle East tour by the end of this year.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival: World famous for its shopping complexes and souks or markets, Dubai celebrates the great shopping festival annually. During this six-week-long festival, you will get opportunities to shop on huge discounts alongside daily car raffles, lucky draws, and exciting fireworks displays. Consider joining this festival on your Dubai tour to have a great shopping experience.

  • Abu Dhabi Art Festival: If you are an aesthete, the Art Festival at Abu Dhabi must be a must-attend festival for you. Organized at the Manarat Al Saadiyat Culture Centre, the occasion brings together art lovers and enthusiasts; from all over the world. Not only can you buy the artworks of several local and international galleries, but also you can enjoy the other creative works and photography exhibited in the adjoining photography and art studio. Your UAE trip will remain incomplete without visiting this grand art celebration. So, know the festival time and plan accordingly.


The Arabian festivals undeniably add to your Middle East trip. Experience great fun; attending the art, culture, music, and food festivals in the Middle East. However, do not forget to follow the covid protocols and stay safe. Bon voyage!

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