European Union Joint Rural Development ProgrammeEuropean Union Joint
Rural Development Programme

Institutional Partners

The implementation of the Programme foresees as much as possible the involvement of different stakeholders both at Governmental and non-governmental level, including private as well as international organizations. The main Egyptian institutional stakeholders and beneficiaries of the Programme are:


Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR)

Lead Partner


Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation



Ministry of Local Development



Ministry of International Cooperation (MoIC)

National Coordinator

The Steering Committee

A Steering Committee (SC) has been created with full authority and responsibility to overall coordination and guidance of the Programme. The SC is chaired by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

The Members of the Steering Committee are Representatives from:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR)
  • The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation
  • The Ministry of Local Development
  • The EU Delegation to Egypt (as observer)
  • The Italian Embassy in Cairo/Development Cooperation Office
  • The UNDP
  • The Governorates of focus
  • The Local beneficiaries
  • The PMU (as secretariat)



The main targeted direct beneficiaries will be the rural communities of farmers, including the community-based associations (water use associations, co-operatives, etc.).

Particular attention will be paid to women organisations, Bedouin tribes, and their families. Additionally, small business associations of non-agriculture sectors (e.g. artisans) will be also targeted.

The indirect beneficiaries will be the rest of the people living in the rural communities and their family, as well as tourists visiting the Programme implementation areas.