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Generating income for rural communities in Fayoum and Minya: CEOSS signs two contracts for awareness raising and capacity building on GAPs

February 6, 2017

On Monday 06 February, 2017 the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) signed two contracts with the Programme for scaling up of GAPs in Fayoum and Minya, respectively “Towards Rural Resilience in Fayoum (TRRF)” and “Promoting Rural Resilience in Minya (PRRM)” based on the grants awarded under the EU-JRDP 3rd and 4th calls.

Both actions will be implemented over the period of 30 months each, with a total EU contribution of Euro 200,000 for Fayoum and Euro 700,000 for Minya.

CEOSS together with the Union of Producer and Exporters of Horticulture Crops (UPEHC) will work to build the capacities and skills for the rural inhabitants over 5 target rural communities in Fayoum and rural inhabitants over 7 target rural communities in Minya.

The overall objective of the Action “Towards Rural Resilience in Fayoum (TRRF)” is establishing resilient rural communities in Fayoum Governorate through alleviating poverty and improving livelihoods for small farmers through organizing them in local groups and empowering them to achieve income increase. TRRF will attain its overall objective of more resilient rural communities in Fayoum through improving the competitiveness of farmers’ agricultural products, hence contributing to their income increase and improved livelihoods. This will take place through organizing farmers to be able to act as an influential collective power defending their common interests in front of various stakeholders.

Building resilient rural communities in Minya Governorate in terms of poverty alleviation and promoting livelihoods of small farmers and their families is the overall objective of the action “Promoting Rural Resilience in Minya (PRRM)”, through improving their productivity by applying the Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and linking them to the most profitable markets. PRRM will attain achieving its overall objective of more resilient rural communities with alleviated poverty through interventions that improve the working and living conditions of rural inhabitants, and hence improve their socioeconomic conditions. This will involve applying GAPs that would improve the quality and quantity of selected crops, while addressing environmental, economic and social sustainability at local level




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