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DRC Signs Direct Award for the Rehabilitation of Existing and New Wadis in Matrouh

May 22, 2016

In a further step towards rural development through water harvesting and wadi development, the Programme together with the Desert Research Center (DRC), Egypt signed the direct award contract of the Rehabilitation of New and Existing Wadis in the Governorate of Matrouh on Wednesday 11th of May 2016.

DRC has been selected for its extensive experience in implementing wadi development and water harvesting initiatives in the Governorate, such experience will be exploited in the targeted area of the intervention being specifically the rural area of North West Coast extending from Fouka East to El-Salloum West with a total of 320km.

Through this action; 15 km of new wadis will be developed and 35 of existing wadis will be rehabilitated, 100 cisterns will be constructed for water harvesting and agricultural equipment, machinery and inputs will be provided in these rural areas.

The total budget of the action is approximately euro 2.2 million extending for 36 months, it is projected to improve the rural Bedouin socio-economic livelihoods through better sustainable management of the natural resources, such as soil and water; making better use of rain water in the rural areas of Matrouh where the rain fall is the only source of water for agricultural and household purposes.

DRC-1 (2)


It is noteworthy that the selection of Wadis was made in a full and active participatory approach based on intensive meetings with local beneficiaries and community leaders in addition to field inspection visits to each Wadi.

EU-JRDP aims at benefiting about 2000 families directly and creating 1000 job opportunities with special focus given for youth and women in the course of this action.

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